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Managing Partner, Noël Kepler to present at the IAEM annual conference in Reno, NV October 2013

Presentation: Hurricane Sandy, An Urban Disaster: The Tell Your Story Campaign©

The Tell Your Story Campaign is a post-disaster assessment tool geared toward dense urban communities, inviting local residents to share their stories, culminating in a recorded history of the event as well as a documented strategy for current and long-term need tailored to the community.

Check out a brief video of the Hurricane Sandy Tell Your Story Campaign Red Hook, Brooklyn.


News and other Posts

Canadian Television, November 2013 – EMMP Partner, John Saunders provides expert information for Canadian Television on the November 2013 Category 4 Typhoon impacting the Philippines and Vietnam.

Fordham University, April 2013 - EMMP Partner, Noël Kepler scheduled to present “Why Community Assessments Fail” to the Fordham University’s Back Social Work Student Association

BK4Reel, March 2013 - Alexandra Theran in the Tell Your Story Center at the Kentler International Drawing Space

NY1, March 2013 - Relief Workers Record Hurricane Sandy Stories

DNA Info, February 2013 – EMMP to roll out Tell Your Story Campaign in Red Hook, Brooklyn

RealtyCollective Blog Spot, February 2013 – Tell Your Hurricane Sandy Story, Red Hook